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IMG_0241Yesterday i’ve been at the exhibition “Yves Saint Lauren – Voyages Extraordinaires” at Centro Cultural do Banco do Brasil, here in Rio.

I was so excited to go, i thought would be a looot of dresses and pictures and a million another things cool and important from his career, but was not like that, i have to say that i became a little disappointed. To start i wanted to take a lot of pictures to post here and i couldn’t (not even hidded with the phone i could… the phone had to be inside the bag!), than were just 50 dresses exposed (inspired in 7 countries: China, Japan, Spain, Africa, Marroco, Russia and India) that i couldn’t cross the line marked in the floor, imagine if i could touch to feel the fabrics?!? Than in another room was the movie of Yves Saint Lauren’s career, the documentary, that ok, was cool, but who is gonna be there standing up watching 2 hours a movie?!?

Well, as you can see the exhibition for me finished in a flash, i wanted more!!!

Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil - exhibition Yves Saint Lauren

Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil - exhibition Yves Saint Lauren

Those 2 pictures were all i was allowed to get, sorry guys…

If someone is interested to go there and check, the exhibition is until July 19th from 10h to 21h and is for free!

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yvessaintlaurent30779tYesterday happened a big party with a loooot of fireworks right here in front of my house, at Lagoon Rodrigo de Freitas (Rio de Janeiro), and the reason for that espetacular celebration is the beggining of the ‘YEAR OF FRANCE IN BRAZIL‘. But you must be thinking: “The year of France in Brazil, what means that? What can happen in Brazil during this year? And most, what the photo of Yves Saint Lauren is doing here in this post?”, well well well… From now on Brazil receives a liiife of culture all brought by France, during the whole year are gonna happen concerts, exhibitions, workshops and lots of amazing cultural events.  I think is super cool to all of us brazilians to have this opportunity to grow up with another culture right here in our own country, most of the population don’t have money enought to go to Paris every year visit all the museums or go have an education to became chef of french cuisine, so now all of us are gonna have the possibility to do that!!! Cool, hun?

And talking about France, of course we are also talking about Fashion, that’s when our another God designer, Yves, came in! From 26th May until the end of July, the center of culture Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil, in Rio de Janeiro, will be presenting an extraordinary exhibition of Yves Saint Lauren’s life. Will be exposed there some designs made by him, photos of his life and career, and for the fashion lovers that couldn’t watch yet the documentary of his life, there will be the time.

“Yves Saint Lauren – Viagens Extraordinarias”


I won’t miss it!!!


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