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Slide1Paula Merlo is 26 years old, she works at Vogue Brasil since she is 24, and she have a lot of great experience in her background super fashion. Graduated in journalism in Rio de Janeiro, she has also an specialization in fashion in Milan, Italy. She passed through another fashion companies and now she loves what she does. She works hard at Vogue and glamour “just in movies“, she says.

ILFS: Pauli, you went to Milan to study fashion journalism, than you got an internship at Teen Vogue in NY. How was this amazing experience?

Pauli: I was already graduated in journalism (at UniverCidade in Rio) when i went to Milan to have a specialization in fashion. It lasted one year. When i was about to go back to Brasil, like one week before, i got the answer from Teen Vogue saying that i got the internship, than i moved to NY where i stayed 2 months. It was an amazing experience, was when i had my first real contact with the real fashion journalism and was in my favourite magazine. I met a lot of great people that not just helped me professionally, teaching me a lot of things, but also became my friends which i still talk.

ILFS: Now you work in Vogue Brasil in Rio de Janeiro. When you came back to Brazil you got the job at the fashion magazine but to work in Sao Paulo. Was easier for you to get this job since you was caming from Teen Vogue?

Pauli: Sure it was easier because was a plus in my curriculum. But before Teen Vogue i had another experiences as an intern in respect companies of fashion like Osklen, Andrea Saletto and Atitude Communication.

Slide1ILFS: How is to work in  Vogue Brasil? A lot of glamour like everyone thinks?

Pauli: Work in Vogue is an experience very rich. Everyone that is there are super competent and they know what they are doing and saying. But the glamour is a movie thing. We work hard, sometimes more than is needed to make a beautiful magazine and with good content.

ILFS:  How was to live in Milan, the world fashion capital? Have you been in any fashion show during the Milan fashion weeks?

Pauli: Living in Milan was really special for me. I had been before in Paris spending some time after i graduated in school, but i had much more fun in Italy. There i studied and i had direct contact with high fashion and the new trends. But i didn’t go in any Milan fashion week, i think i preferred go out to dance or have some ‘happy hours’!!! I love what i do, but definetally i don’t think about fashion all the time.

ILFS:  What is your favourite International designer?

Pauli: Hmm now you got me! Can be a little list, right? I really like Miuccia Prada (‘Prada’ and ‘Miu Miu’), i admire a lot Valentino and also Marc Jacobs.

Slide1ILFS:  And how about the brazilians designers?

Pauli: I like Tufi Duek and Jaqueline di Biase, from the brand ‘Salinas’.


ILFS: Which was that fashion show that you LOVED, that is like unforgettable for you?

Pauli: Maybe the summer fashion show from the brand ‘Andrea Saletto’, in 2003 or 2004, i don’t remenber exactly the year. Because was the first one that i really was part of, in the time i was an intern of design in this brand. I was really emotional! And another one from ‘Salinas’, in 1999, when was still Fashion week Barrashopping. Was there when i discovered that i wanted to be a fashion journalist.

ILFS:  What is your style?

Pauli: I’m very simple and easy going in my style. I don’t take long time to dress and i don’t spend hours in front of the mirror.

ILFS: After Milan, NY, Sao Paulo and now Rio, what is the ideal place for you to live? And how about fashion?

Pauli: Each place is so different than the other! The ideal is to live where i’m happy, which is in Rio. Talking about fashion, in my opinion, i believe NY or London, where i still didn’t spend any time.

Marc Jacobs fashion show in NY

Thank you Pauli!!!

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