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suriAahhmmmm what a cuteee moment, baby Suri and her papy! 🙂 What a dress for a child, no?!? Beautiful big flowers. But who is more fashion than baby Suri??? Not me…

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What is the style of this Suri child, hun? Nothing like born daughter of Tom Cruise (and that’s it, cause Katie Holmes who was before marry him?)!

Is really funny but now when I go check in internet how the celebs are dressed, I swear that I stop in Suri and keep analysing her look… Oh God but she is just… how old is she? Anyway, yeah is true, Suri is super stylish. Take a look at this red dress, how wonderful is that? And that glasses, would be Chloe?

I’m anxious to pass like 10 years and I wanna see how Suri will be, ‘The Clueless’ of the world! Will she be able to go inside a store like Urban or Topshop one day?

I start the bet here with the question: Will Suri be like Paris Hilton or Ivanka Trump in 10, 15 years? – I bet in Paris, with a little of Ivanka I would say… And you, what you think?

GO SURI, you are pretty, rich, famous and fashion little babyfancycuteglamorousgirl!!!

'These paparazzi are gonna kill me one day...' - Suri

'These paparazzi are gonna kill me one day...' - Suri


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