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I’m a buyer by nature, but a buyer-buyer like that kind of person that is always comparing prices and looking for the best business possible! I like quality but I hate to be stolen, I love Chanel but H&M is my second home sweet home (that actually I’m dieingggg here in Brazil without!).

So, today I’m here happy to give you the news of the new outlet site ‘The Outnet’, is the cheap son of the site of luxury shopping ‘Net-a-Porter’. There you find almost all of the cool luxury brands with discount, a looot of discount, like 50%, 60% and 70%.

I’m just not soooosoo happy because even if everything there are affordable, for me are NOT so affordable like this… because I live in Brazil, so after I buy something there they gonna add some HUGE taxes and until arrive here become expensive and than the good business is over!

But for everyone that will pay less taxes than people here in Brazil (so faaar), I wish an amazing luckyyyy to find amazing products very very cheap and chic!!! Have fun!!!

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