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This is the new campaign for the luggage collection of my love brand Louis Vuitton. The models are very special (and spatial), caming direct from the space, the three astronauts Buzz Aldrin, Sally Ride e Jim Lovell. Loved the creativity and as usual, love LV!

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INTERVIEW: Andrea Aluzzi from MARNI virtual store

The brand Marni was the pioneer in luxury to have a virtual store. Almost 3 years ago Andrea Aluzzi developed this new way of selling and the business is just going great and better!

Andrea Aluzzi

Andrea Aluzzi

ILFS: Andrea, you was the one that made up the virtual store at Marni, right?

Aluzzi: Yes, I followed the project since the start up, in 2006.

ILFS: Why you thought was interesting for the brand to start selling online?

Aluzzi: We decided to open Marni Virtual Store (the first monobrand virtual store of the luxury system) for many reasons, but the main are to reach all the potential Marni customers throught the on-line channel; to realize a new “Marni on-line experience ” to create a sophisticated monobrand boutique online.



ILFS: Who is the strongest competitor for MARNI virtually talking?

Aluzzi: All the luxury virtual stores, i.e. Hermes, Dior, LV, Bottega Veneta, Moschino, … but actually our virtual store is unique respect the other fashion brands.

ILFS: What you think about the importance of the virtual world nowadays?

Aluzzi: The Virtual, nowadays is the most important channel for communication and relation with people.

ILFS: In which country does Marni sells more? Why?

Aluzzi: US, UK, North of Europe. It probably depends from the consumer’s approach to use the on-line as selling channel.



ILFS: Here in Brasil Marni didnt arrive yet, does the brand have any plan of expand sales here? IF Yes, Will be a store or virtual sales? When?

Aluzzi: Brazil and South America are interesting market. Probably we will value the possibility to open this new market.


ILFS: Talking about trend now, what is the next trend for next season that Marni is proposing?

Aluzzi: Marni experiments with a tactile dimension that ranges from fur to fabric to embroidery and from leather accessories to gems for the jewellery. Inlays of unusual and different textures. Eclectic and exploratory elements inspire the collection.

To know more about MARNI go check the website and the virtual store at http://www.marni.com.



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Yesterday I bought this book: “Deluxe, How luxury lost its luster” from the author Dana Thomas. I’m super excited to read it, is about the business of fashion luxury, how the customers pay so much money in a bag that maybe is not even made by hand (like is suppose to be luxury), how these brands became sooo huge and who is really luxury until nowadays! I love to know numbers of fashion business and the background of the real fashion business.


This is the cover of the brazilian version

I didn’t start to read yet but i know already that Dana Thomas defend just one luxury brand: Hermès! But why? Well, this i tell you guys as soon as i finish the book!

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God knows how much I’m suffering back to Brazil without H&M, really reallyyyy! Was like my house there in Milano, I went almost EVERYDAY, even if I didn’t have money or if I didn’t wanna buy anything, but I had to pass there… always always!

So, I was around my favorite store when they had partnership with Karl God Lagerfeld, with Madonna, with Roberto Cavalli and also with Comme des Garçons. Now is the time of Matthew Williamson rock together with my love store, and unfortunately, totally unfortunately, I don’t even have the chance to see one of the products in real life cause here in Brazil we DON’T have H&M, so think how happy I am, hun?!? 😡

The collection arrived at H&M on April 23rd, what means 1 week ago. Well, as I know the customers of H&M I’m almost sure that most of the products are already gone!!!

Matthew must be with a big big smile right now!

Let’s watch, down here, Matthew:

I’m far but my heart and my soul are always there with you H&M, I’m so faithful to you that until now (after 2 months back) I still didn’t buy one single dress, or shirt, or anything… see how much I miss you???

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Well, has been 2 months that I left italy and arrived in Rio de Janeiro super excited expecting that I’d find the job of my dreams, like work in a luxury brand that I would have to travel all the time back to Europe to buy more stuff to fill the stores in Latin America, I thought I’d work with budget, fashion and travelling! Or I thought also that maybe I wouldn’t find the job that I really want now in the beggining of my carrer, so I was thinking to start in the marketing of a big fashion company, cause this is the other area that I’d be happy to work at, actually my master in Milano was most about marketing in fashion companies. Ok! The end of the story and the reason of this post is that until now I had ONE single interview and the answer of the company was that they really like me and my cv but AT THE MOMENT THEY DON’T HAVE ANY OPEN POSITIONS… I’m frustrated right now!!! No more interviews??? Hey people, I need a job!!! I know that in Brazil fashion is not sooo big as in Italy and France but cam’onnn, we have Zegna, Louis Vuitton, Armani… and so many another national cool brands that are growing up and reaching the international market! Well, I keep trying (of course!) to find my dream job, even if the time is not the best of the bests, but people, PRAY for me!!! I post here back as soon as I get it, ok? Let’s cross fingers!

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DVF - Carmem Miranda

DVF - Carmem Miranda

I was watching, at the site of RG VOGUE, an interview with Diane Von Furstenberg when she was here in Brazil last week. Remenber that I posted here talking about her jewerly collection called Sutra and that she made in partnership with H.Stern, the brazilian jewerly??? Yeaaahh so was this… She was there in Sao Paulo last week for this ‘brunch kind of party’ showing her nothing cheap gorgeous diamonds collection.

But the most cool thing of all is what she said in that interview about her new clothes collection that is caming soon, is all inspired in Brazil, Carmem Miranda and Rio!!! Actually the name is “Her name is Rio” (mine also, “Rio and Milano”, hehehe). Full of colours, good energy and happy happy happy (I’m sure!) like our country is!!!

Soooo excited to see this new collection that you have no idea, babe!

And the first store of DVF in Brazil will be opened next year, in march. Chic!

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yvessaintlaurent30779tYesterday happened a big party with a loooot of fireworks right here in front of my house, at Lagoon Rodrigo de Freitas (Rio de Janeiro), and the reason for that espetacular celebration is the beggining of the ‘YEAR OF FRANCE IN BRAZIL‘. But you must be thinking: “The year of France in Brazil, what means that? What can happen in Brazil during this year? And most, what the photo of Yves Saint Lauren is doing here in this post?”, well well well… From now on Brazil receives a liiife of culture all brought by France, during the whole year are gonna happen concerts, exhibitions, workshops and lots of amazing cultural events.  I think is super cool to all of us brazilians to have this opportunity to grow up with another culture right here in our own country, most of the population don’t have money enought to go to Paris every year visit all the museums or go have an education to became chef of french cuisine, so now all of us are gonna have the possibility to do that!!! Cool, hun?

And talking about France, of course we are also talking about Fashion, that’s when our another God designer, Yves, came in! From 26th May until the end of July, the center of culture Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil, in Rio de Janeiro, will be presenting an extraordinary exhibition of Yves Saint Lauren’s life. Will be exposed there some designs made by him, photos of his life and career, and for the fashion lovers that couldn’t watch yet the documentary of his life, there will be the time.

“Yves Saint Lauren – Viagens Extraordinarias”


I won’t miss it!!!


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I’m a buyer by nature, but a buyer-buyer like that kind of person that is always comparing prices and looking for the best business possible! I like quality but I hate to be stolen, I love Chanel but H&M is my second home sweet home (that actually I’m dieingggg here in Brazil without!).

So, today I’m here happy to give you the news of the new outlet site ‘The Outnet’, is the cheap son of the site of luxury shopping ‘Net-a-Porter’. There you find almost all of the cool luxury brands with discount, a looot of discount, like 50%, 60% and 70%.

I’m just not soooosoo happy because even if everything there are affordable, for me are NOT so affordable like this… because I live in Brazil, so after I buy something there they gonna add some HUGE taxes and until arrive here become expensive and than the good business is over!

But for everyone that will pay less taxes than people here in Brazil (so faaar), I wish an amazing luckyyyy to find amazing products very very cheap and chic!!! Have fun!!!

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Talking about robe and dress to sleep in a special event… hmmm, what you think about this new ‘trend’, PIJAMA wear???

Jessica & Rachel in Pijamas!

Jessica & Rachel in Pijamas!

Jessica Alba went wearing that Dolce&Gabbana SS09 at the premier of My Bloody Valentine 3D. Rachel Roy is an american designer and she was wearing her own creation at a special gala dinner to honour Baz Luhrmann at the museum of modern art of NYC.

Well, when I first saw the looks without read where were they going (including Katy Perry down here in the other post), I though was a ‘Pijama Party’, like a theme party of someone or of a brand, I don’t know but I’d never though they were dressed like that in real life!!! Goshhh, I reallyyyy didn’t like this new trend, really really!


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Louboutin - avaiable at saks.com

Louboutin - avaiable at saks.com

The high heels are becaming every season higher. Gorgeous? Yeah! Buuutt… can we wear them without falling down??? Hmmmm this I’m not so sure!

Louboutin is a huge sucess now, every chic girl wants a pair of this designer. They are more like contemporany art that will be there in your closet making an amazing effect between all another pairs of shoes. They are also reaaaally expensive. Even though I’m sure that a looot of women give more than the whole month salary in one pair of those.

So, the whole point talking about Louboutin is: spend so much money in a pair of shoes because they look like special precious diamonds worth?

Let’s ask these models down here:


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