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Lenny and Oskar (from Osklen)

Lenny Niemeyer was the winner of the Best Designer of Swimwear award last night in the fashion event that happened in São Paulo.

More than deserved, my super boss really is the best of brazilian swimwear!!!

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Finished some days ago a fair just of swimwear in Miami. A lot of brazilian cool brands participate like Lenny, Agua de Coco and Adriana Degreas!

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The fashion week here in Rio de Janeiro finished yesterday, was really intense with a lot of cool designs and colours, brazilian celebs, top models and also models falling down in the catwalk!!!

Fashion Rio is becaming every year bigger, i love it!

This movie is a little resume of the fashion show of Lenny, which was incredible beautiful, inspired in a woman that look the world over the top, check it out:

So chic!

Juliana Jabour is another brazilian designer reallyyyy talent that i love almost all the collections of her, including this one now, but what i’m posting here is something funny that happened in her fashion show. This is to show that also the models are human, sometimes they are also NOT perfect:


Redley, the brand of surfers, brought the super hot brazilian actor Rodrigo Santoro (that is also international playing in ‘Lost’). Have this gorgeous celeb in their fashion show is part of the celebration of 25 years of the brand!


Rodrigo Santoro - Redley

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