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photoStill talking about my new vest: I though was really cool this way to use with this rock style t-shirt down and the colourful bracelet to brake the black and white.

T-Shirt and Bracelet: H&M

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I know, the picture is not so good but i took by myself today before came work, and as we can see i’m not so professional on take pictures on me!!! Anyway, this is me today! I liked because i’m wearing three new products that i really loved each one of them:

. Leather bag : is from a woman that work just with leather and one bag is more cool than the other, in amazing colours, her name is Leni and she is from Rio.

. Vest : this my parents brought for me yesterday, from Chile! Until now i liked in the others but i never wanted to have one, now that i got this i reallyyyy loved.

. Parfum: Hipnose from Lancome. Super good, loved!

And the shirt is not new but love it also, from H&M, the pants are from Zara.



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What is H&M in this world??? I love sooo much! This is the new collection and i’m almost crying (really!) because i’m back living in Brazil and here DO NOT have my second house H&M… 😩 Ok, this is a sad post… bye!

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220509hemH&M is my favourite place to spend my time and my money, this everyone is tiiired to know (i say that all the time), but what maybe you don’t know is that H&M is not just amazing gorgeous and cheap, H&M is also against the Aids! Since the beggining of this month you can find really cool t-shirts against the HIV, you buy and the money goes to help people with this disease. The prices goes from 15 to 20 euros, and they are really really nice! I would loooove to buy one (or more)!!!!!! Let’s HELP!

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To celebrate the 1 month birth of ILFS blog I decided to give a “gift” to the owner of the blog Fashionismo, Thereza, cause most of my readers came from her blog! So, to say ‘THANK YOU’ this post is all about her, her STYLE!

  Thereza is wearing:

. Trench-Coat = H&M (I loved the color!!!)

. Dress = Urban Outfitters

. Peep toe shoes and socks = Zara

Did you like it? I loved, also because these are my best brands!

I asked her wich Fashion Show she most liked lately and why, the answer was: ALEXANDER MCQUEEN, because he was really creative, and brave enough to make a real show when all the other brands were inspired by the 80’s or the economical crises nowadays… And I agree, McQueen is always very very very kind of “crazy”, he thinks out of the box, is always showing something different and of course, totally creative!

Did u notice the biiig red mouth???

Well, I hope you liked the style and the best fashion show to Thereza from FASHIONISMO!


ILoveFashionShow Blog – 1 month b-day


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God knows how much I’m suffering back to Brazil without H&M, really reallyyyy! Was like my house there in Milano, I went almost EVERYDAY, even if I didn’t have money or if I didn’t wanna buy anything, but I had to pass there… always always!

So, I was around my favorite store when they had partnership with Karl God Lagerfeld, with Madonna, with Roberto Cavalli and also with Comme des Garçons. Now is the time of Matthew Williamson rock together with my love store, and unfortunately, totally unfortunately, I don’t even have the chance to see one of the products in real life cause here in Brazil we DON’T have H&M, so think how happy I am, hun?!? 😡

The collection arrived at H&M on April 23rd, what means 1 week ago. Well, as I know the customers of H&M I’m almost sure that most of the products are already gone!!!

Matthew must be with a big big smile right now!

Let’s watch, down here, Matthew:

I’m far but my heart and my soul are always there with you H&M, I’m so faithful to you that until now (after 2 months back) I still didn’t buy one single dress, or shirt, or anything… see how much I miss you???

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