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What is this little belly, Ms Pratt???

What is this little belly, Ms Pratt???

I said here already that i’m Team Heidi, but i don’t know, she is starting to bother me also… First because that wedding was too over the top, million paparazzi for what?!? Like was Michael Jackson marrying, hun?!? Please!!! And now the biggest dramaaaaa: Heidi is pregnant!!!!!!!!!!! Oh God! Can you imagine a little Spencer indahouse??? This because she said already that she wants a boy (like the daddy?!?)!

Let’s wait ‘The Hills’ to check if this info is true, and if it is… let’s pray for their child, cause from minute 1 of life she will be surrounded of paparazzi!

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I don’t know why but I’m always in the side of the most mean girl of the show!


I just love Heidi Montag from ‘The Hills’, love even more Olivia Palermo from ‘The City’ and now my new mean love is going to Kate from ‘Stylista’. If you notice they are always the most pretty one, than they are really good dressed (even if Heidi sometimes wanna be too bitchie, she still have good taste, pay attention when she is at work, really elegant and professional. Ah okay, Kate also, during the show, was everyone saying that she shows too much her boobs, but cam’onnnn she has good body and even though she is not dressed as a bitch, also at her, look when she is there working with the group… Professional!) and they are also very good professionally speaking.

And after all the “meaaannn” things that they did, I have to say that they are really cool, I didn’t think that they did something reallyyy mean… Or maybe is me that maybe I’m just a little mean like them?!? hehehehe NONONO I’m a good girl!

Heidi, Olivia and Kate: I’m with you girls!!! Mean Girls forever!!!

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