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giGica is gonna have a baby BOY in december! Thanks God is not gonna be a girl, hun?! One more like her in this world we (normal nice girls) don’t need.

I heard that Mum Gica knows already his name: Gabriel, like the angel!

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OOOPS… ?!?

Whitney Port, the hard worker very stylish from L.A. to The City and not super friend of muse Olivia, has been in a trip to Miami during the show, remenber? Well, what we saw was just people drinking, enjoying the sun and having fun, but what we DIDN’T see (at least on tv) was that Miss Whitney lost her bikini’s top (and almost the down part also) when she was having a pleasure moment at the beach!

Whitney Port losting the good girl behaviour...

Whitney Port losting the good girl behaviour...

This fact happened some months ago, but I just discovered now and I was really impressive because was Whiiitt, not Erin, not the model alien friend, was Whiiittt the good girl! I laughed a looot!!! hihihi

What would say our ‘perfect babyliss hair’ and ‘so chic’ muse, Olivia Palermo, about that, hun?!?



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