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The fashion week here in Rio de Janeiro finished yesterday, was really intense with a lot of cool designs and colours, brazilian celebs, top models and also models falling down in the catwalk!!!

Fashion Rio is becaming every year bigger, i love it!

This movie is a little resume of the fashion show of Lenny, which was incredible beautiful, inspired in a woman that look the world over the top, check it out:

So chic!

Juliana Jabour is another brazilian designer reallyyyy talent that i love almost all the collections of her, including this one now, but what i’m posting here is something funny that happened in her fashion show. This is to show that also the models are human, sometimes they are also NOT perfect:


Redley, the brand of surfers, brought the super hot brazilian actor Rodrigo Santoro (that is also international playing in ‘Lost’). Have this gorgeous celeb in their fashion show is part of the celebration of 25 years of the brand!


Rodrigo Santoro - Redley

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I think is obvioussss that i love fashion shows, right??? In Milano the best weeks for me without any doubt were those when Fashion Week was going on, was so much glamour that I totally fit in! hehehe 🙂

So now I wanna know: What you like most in a Fashion Show?

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Well, has been 2 months that I left italy and arrived in Rio de Janeiro super excited expecting that I’d find the job of my dreams, like work in a luxury brand that I would have to travel all the time back to Europe to buy more stuff to fill the stores in Latin America, I thought I’d work with budget, fashion and travelling! Or I thought also that maybe I wouldn’t find the job that I really want now in the beggining of my carrer, so I was thinking to start in the marketing of a big fashion company, cause this is the other area that I’d be happy to work at, actually my master in Milano was most about marketing in fashion companies. Ok! The end of the story and the reason of this post is that until now I had ONE single interview and the answer of the company was that they really like me and my cv but AT THE MOMENT THEY DON’T HAVE ANY OPEN POSITIONS… I’m frustrated right now!!! No more interviews??? Hey people, I need a job!!! I know that in Brazil fashion is not sooo big as in Italy and France but cam’onnn, we have Zegna, Louis Vuitton, Armani… and so many another national cool brands that are growing up and reaching the international market! Well, I keep trying (of course!) to find my dream job, even if the time is not the best of the bests, but people, PRAY for me!!! I post here back as soon as I get it, ok? Let’s cross fingers!

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I don’t like when I see in one fashion week the same style for different brands. So that’s what I saw here in Brazil at the last fashion week that happened in january’09.

Cantao, Giulia Borges and Cavalera presented the same FOLK style. Coincidence or no imagination (copy, copy, copy)?

Anyway, boring…

Cantao - Giulia Borges - Cavalera

Cantao - Giulia Borges - Cavalera

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