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puffPuff Daddy was here in Rio for the Fashion Rocks that happened last saturday. I didn’t go as the ticket was an absurd, were they crazy?, very very expensive, but i did see on internet the show and i have to say that hip hoppers got the power, maaan!!! Puff Daddy or P.Diddy (how u prefer?!?) and Ja Rule rocked the event.

The most funny of all was P.Diddy saying that Brasil is ASS! ASS! and BUNDA! Wich means ass!!! He said he loved it, he saw so many asses all around that he felt almost in a paradise. Hello Mister Diddy, you didn’t even notice the gorgeous beach that we have, hun?!? And the mountains??? The Crist??? Hello??????

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giGica is gonna have a baby BOY in december! Thanks God is not gonna be a girl, hun?! One more like her in this world we (normal nice girls) don’t need.

I heard that Mum Gica knows already his name: Gabriel, like the angel!

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This is to proove what i told my flatmate one year ago: Carine Roitfeld repeat her clothes a lot, speeecially this jeans skirt that i think she loves more than anything else in her life, really!

All these images are from different days, you can notice in the last two photos she has the exactly same outfit just changing the shoes!

So, last year when i was in Milan fashion week, i saw her everyday in all the fashion shows and in 3 of those 5 days she was wearing this jeans skirt, i told my flatmate (that defends Carine forever!) and she didn’t believe me, she said: “Carine? With the same clothes? Two consectives days? Impossible!”.

Yeaaah right baby!!! Also the most fashionistas have a piece that they are attached to. Now you believe it or still don’t?

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bolsacGossip Girl Serena is wearing a gorgeous Chanel bag, i loved the colour! Actually this fall/winter colours in USA and Europe are so amazing beautiful that we are copying here in Brazil to make our High Summer collection. A lot of citric colours as orange, green, yellow, pink and blue (like this bag), all gorgeoussss!!!

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Jessica Simpson is in Brazil, more specifically in Rio de Janeiro, even more specifically tomorrow she will be in Ipanema trying out some bikinis with her friends. Yeah, is true, she is recording here part of her new show “The Price of Beauty”, and what i heard (from safe voices) is that she will be making this scene for her show right here on our bikini shops.

So, if you are fan of her and has nothing to do tomorrow, go have a walk in Ipanema and have a little chat with Jessy!  

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Kendra-Wilkinson-Kourtney-Kardashian-Pregnancy-Us-Weekly-0827090-430x580I’m the queen of the reality show’s watchers, i don’t miss not one of them… really! A loooot of friends tell me that i’m totally stupid to watch this kind of shows, but heeyyy, cam’on man, are you not curious about the others life?!? Pleaseee, everyone is!!! And by the way, i feel exactly like a FRIEND of some people there in these shows, like for example KENDRA, i’m so addicted on her that my image of how can be a playmate totally changed, i swear! So, now she is preagnant and it’s a boy (Hey Ho!). I’m curious to know how is gonna be the reality with a babyyyy!!! Well, another preagnant here is Kourtney Kardashian, you know she is another reality star in the U.S., but of this i’m not super fan so i’ll stop in Kendra. Bye babies!!!

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MISCHA, WHEN YOU LOST SO MUCH YOUR MIND?!? Well, i read that she became fat like this (i didn’t even recognise her, actually until now i’m not sooo convinced) because she lost her boyfriend, she fight with her mum almost always and also cause she loves ‘party’, got it?!? Xoxo, team Summer!


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