Just Me

I’m a brazilian girl who loves fashion and loves even more fashion shows! They are incredible exciting, don’t you think so? Right now I’m back living in Brazil, before I’ve been 2 gorgeous years studying and working in the World Fashion Capital: Milan, Italy! There I had the best fashion moments of my life, some of them I posted in my old blog ‘Fashion Buyer’. Now I’m back to my country, working in a swimwear fashion brand and with this new blog I’ll be showing you girls and guys, the most cool things about fashion (at least for me! hehe). Welcome you all!!!

10 responses to “Just Me

  1. Andrea Maag

    I loved your new blog! The layout is amazing and so is the content!

  2. Cristian

    This blog is really cool and funny. Compliments to author!

  3. I would like to invite you to our 5th Annual Phoenix Fashion Week, where we are focused on Bridging Designers and Buyers.

    36 Estalished and Emerging Designers..

    October 1 – 3, 2009

    Cheers, Brian

  4. “Established” sorry =)

  5. Danilo

    In bocca al lupo …
    Have a look to: http://www.bvbt.it
    … the most cool handbags you can find around the world

  6. great fashionblog i luv it!

  7. ilovefashionshow

    Oii, sim sou do Rio! Em breve o novo blog/site de moda em português: http://www.fashionite.com.br, fica ligada!!! 🙂


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