This is to proove what i told my flatmate one year ago: Carine Roitfeld repeat her clothes a lot, speeecially this jeans skirt that i think she loves more than anything else in her life, really!

All these images are from different days, you can notice in the last two photos she has the exactly same outfit just changing the shoes!

So, last year when i was in Milan fashion week, i saw her everyday in all the fashion shows and in 3 of those 5 days she was wearing this jeans skirt, i told my flatmate (that defends Carine forever!) and she didn’t believe me, she said: “Carine? With the same clothes? Two consectives days? Impossible!”.

Yeaaah right baby!!! Also the most fashionistas have a piece that they are attached to. Now you believe it or still don’t?

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