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Kendra-Wilkinson-Kourtney-Kardashian-Pregnancy-Us-Weekly-0827090-430x580I’m the queen of the reality show’s watchers, i don’t miss not one of them… really! A loooot of friends tell me that i’m totally stupid to watch this kind of shows, but heeyyy, cam’on man, are you not curious about the others life?!? Pleaseee, everyone is!!! And by the way, i feel exactly like a FRIEND of some people there in these shows, like for example KENDRA, i’m so addicted on her that my image of how can be a playmate totally changed, i swear! So, now she is preagnant and it’s a boy (Hey Ho!). I’m curious to know how is gonna be the reality with a babyyyy!!! Well, another preagnant here is Kourtney Kardashian, you know she is another reality star in the U.S., but of this i’m not super fan so i’ll stop in Kendra. Bye babies!!!

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Balmain FW 09/10

Balmain FW 09/10

Isn’t it?

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What is H&M in this world??? I love sooo much! This is the new collection and i’m almost crying (really!) because i’m back living in Brazil and here DO NOT have my second house H&M… 😦 Ok, this is a sad post… bye!

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MISCHA, WHEN YOU LOST SO MUCH YOUR MIND?!? Well, i read that she became fat like this (i didn’t even recognise her, actually until now i’m not sooo convinced) because she lost her boyfriend, she fight with her mum almost always and also cause she loves ‘party’, got it?!? Xoxo, team Summer!


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Marc Jacobs is sooo weird in a perfect way… But no one is perfect always, right? What he had in mind when he choose this model to be in his fashion show?!? The work of a model is to sell a product and so is important the look of her that helps the clients understand the point of the clothes. So, in this picture i was trying hard to understand and i think i got the message, but a really strange one… If this is what Marc wants that i think about his collection, fine!

But i still love him! I’m dreaming with a bag of his Marc by Marc Jacobs collection, soooo cute… I want!!!

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