Giorgio Armani was sick for some weeks, he had hepatitis due to intoxication but he is better now. Always working hard, he is close to recover.

In an interview to the news agency ANSA, he said: “In the past few days, there has been an amazing outburst of interest in me. Dozens of phone calls all asking for the same information, and all expressing the same concern about my health. I decided to soothe these anxious spirits and apply yet again my direct, crystal-clear style of communication. I have been suffering from hepatitis due to intoxication. It’s by no means a rare disease but it does require time for a complete recovery. At this moment, I am in the recovery stage and I would like to point out that the work of the Giorgio Armani fashion house has never ceased, nor has my creative and entrepreneurial commitment, which requires decision-making on a daily basis. In consequence, there was no special mandate to any executive and the company is moving forward with all its usual energy, respecting our existing programmes”.

After i lived in Milano 2 years, i developed a love for Armani. I had also a teacher in my master that worked there and he told us that Giorgio never stop, he works hard and he knows exactly what is going on inside his company in each sector. Is an amazing brand directed by this amazing man.

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