IMG_0241Yesterday i’ve been at the exhibition “Yves Saint Lauren – Voyages Extraordinaires” at Centro Cultural do Banco do Brasil, here in Rio.

I was so excited to go, i thought would be a looot of dresses and pictures and a million another things cool and important from his career, but was not like that, i have to say that i became a little disappointed. To start i wanted to take a lot of pictures to post here and i couldn’t (not even hidded with the phone i could… the phone had to be inside the bag!), than were just 50 dresses exposed (inspired in 7 countries: China, Japan, Spain, Africa, Marroco, Russia and India) that i couldn’t cross the line marked in the floor, imagine if i could touch to feel the fabrics?!? Than in another room was the movie of Yves Saint Lauren’s career, the documentary, that ok, was cool, but who is gonna be there standing up watching 2 hours a movie?!?

Well, as you can see the exhibition for me finished in a flash, i wanted more!!!

Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil - exhibition Yves Saint Lauren

Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil - exhibition Yves Saint Lauren

Those 2 pictures were all i was allowed to get, sorry guys…

If someone is interested to go there and check, the exhibition is until July 19th from 10h to 21h and is for free!

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