The first fashion show in Italy happened in 1951 at Villa Torrigiani.


In that time the photos were still black and white.


The models were not so slim at all, having some fat was a plus!


The catwalk was the normal floor, in the same level of the guests.


The eyes of the guests were only and exclusively concentrated at the garments, different from today that in a fashion show most of the times a top model or a celebrity has more evidence than the whole collection presented.

Nowadays the fashion shows changed a lot, they have ultra slim models, celebrities at the first row, sometimes a live concert and always a loooot of important journalists. They are a huge event for a brand, need monthsss of preparation. But even having so many differences between now and some years ago, fashion show has all the time the same objective: promote and sell! This will never change.

photos: Corriere Fiorentino

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