INTERVIEW: Andrea Aluzzi from MARNI virtual store

The brand Marni was the pioneer in luxury to have a virtual store. Almost 3 years ago Andrea Aluzzi developed this new way of selling and the business is just going great and better!

Andrea Aluzzi

Andrea Aluzzi

ILFS: Andrea, you was the one that made up the virtual store at Marni, right?

Aluzzi: Yes, I followed the project since the start up, in 2006.

ILFS: Why you thought was interesting for the brand to start selling online?

Aluzzi: We decided to open Marni Virtual Store (the first monobrand virtual store of the luxury system) for many reasons, but the main are to reach all the potential Marni customers throught the on-line channel; to realize a new “Marni on-line experience ” to create a sophisticated monobrand boutique online.



ILFS: Who is the strongest competitor for MARNI virtually talking?

Aluzzi: All the luxury virtual stores, i.e. Hermes, Dior, LV, Bottega Veneta, Moschino, … but actually our virtual store is unique respect the other fashion brands.

ILFS: What you think about the importance of the virtual world nowadays?

Aluzzi: The Virtual, nowadays is the most important channel for communication and relation with people.

ILFS: In which country does Marni sells more? Why?

Aluzzi: US, UK, North of Europe. It probably depends from the consumer’s approach to use the on-line as selling channel.



ILFS: Here in Brasil Marni didnt arrive yet, does the brand have any plan of expand sales here? IF Yes, Will be a store or virtual sales? When?

Aluzzi: Brazil and South America are interesting market. Probably we will value the possibility to open this new market.


ILFS: Talking about trend now, what is the next trend for next season that Marni is proposing?

Aluzzi: Marni experiments with a tactile dimension that ranges from fur to fabric to embroidery and from leather accessories to gems for the jewellery. Inlays of unusual and different textures. Eclectic and exploratory elements inspire the collection.

To know more about MARNI go check the website and the virtual store at



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5 responses to “INTERVIEW: Andrea Aluzzi from MARNI virtual store

  1. gabis

    Que bolsa maravilhosa!!!!

  2. gabis

    cadê você que não posta mais? eheheh

  3. ilovefashionshow


    vou postar!!! to com uns probleminhas no comp mas ja ja volto com mais news! Bjocass

  4. sara

    grandissimo andrea 🙂

  5. Alessia

    Andrea…adorei a sua intervista!Parabeins!!!Alessia

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