slide14Today i received an email showing these japanese kind of shoes, was sooo amazing weird that until now i’m not sure if is real or photoshop! They are really strange, look like a banana, and if they really exist i feel sorry for the japanese women or any women that wear that, can you imagine how would be the format of the feet after using that???

And can became worst actually, believe it or not! They are soooo creative that was made shoes in a HORSE style, like, the women can really feel as a horse using one of those down here:

slide15The big question is: Why someone would want to feel like a HORSE??? Or why someone would like to be walking over 30m??? Are these bizarre creations suppose to be beautiful???

I’m in shock!!!

The japanese are very attached to tradition, and we know that in pass the “Gueixa” was very popular over there. Here it is a still alive “Gueixa” showing her still traditional shoes:

slide17Just sooo WEIRDDDDDDDDD…


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  2. gabis

    Bizarro demais! muito feios
    nunca usaria hehehe

  3. ilovefashionshow

    Mtooo bizarro!!!! Até agora eu não to acreditando que elas usam isso… Credooo!!! hehehe

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