Easter is sweet, and now not just sweet but also fashionable, delicious hun?!?

These classy eggs of chocolate up here have an ‘A’, ‘A’ of Armani babe… Armani Dolci came up with those 3 versions of Easter eggs: the chocolate extra fondente, the classic chocolate and the white chocolate. The glamour doesn’t finish there, inside of each egg you find a surprise of Armani Casa!

And after all, I’d keep the baby blue box with the pink touch in my room somewhere to put something else, is just so nice that would be hard to throw it out!

Well, here in Brazil the most cool chocolate brand is named Kopenhagen, so as we are talking about Easter and chocolate eggs I think I need to show you guys this:


Is small this picture, hard to understand how it feels like in real life, is something amazing delicious the inside full of marshmallow and covered by the best quality chocolate ever!

Right now I NEED to finish this post cause my mouth is becaming full of water like i neeeed to eat chocolate now!!!

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