Yes, I’m talking again about LV but really, I NEED to do that, Marc Jacobs is just somenthing amazing that is impossible to describe in one word, even in a whole sentence, I just love him! Unfortunately, he was here in Brazil another day to open his first store in Sao Paulo and I was NOT there… yeah yeah no invitation… I suffer in occasions like this, but let’s think positive that one day I’ll be working with him, don’t you think?

Heeeyy Marc, don’t you need someone in marketing or buying there in LV, hun??? Look, i have a veryyyy good background in my CV, you will just gonna win with that!!! 🙂

Well, caming back to the post (sorry, I became a little excited with the idea hehehe), you can see down here in this video that I found in internet, Marc Jacobs talking about the new collection of LV F/W 09/10, which is WONDERFULLLLLL, Gorgeous, Amazingggg, without words…

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